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Media Research: Analysis of Film Poster

Published September 22, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

After deciding  the genre I might use which is fantasy, I am going to analyse a series of  promotional film posters, trailers and Movie magazines which features particular films in that genre so it can give me a clear idea of the things it requires such as the key elements Mise-en-scene. I will also focus on the positioning of the main characters on the front of the print options plus the things that make the film fit to that genre.

My first film poster I am going to look at is the Twilight Saga. It is a romantic, Fantasy based on a forbidden love between a human Protagonist (Bella) and a Vampire (Edward Cullen).Twilight was adapted into a film by Summit Entertainment and was directed by Catherine Hardwicke.The movie was released in theaters in the United states on November 21, 2008

Starting with the original Twilight film in the series, the poster seems to be quite basic and contains a typical image of the two characters. You can can definitely understand there is a connection between these people due to the way they are embracing and how Edward is looking over her to show he has control over her in the movie. The title  Twilight is a very mystical  name and relates to the time of the day,suggesting that “something” is going begin and then therefore develops throughout the four movies. The tagline at the top is a direct approach to the audience, making us think about what this could relate to and brings about the fantasy genre as no one can obviously live forever.

The special effects that have been incorporated in to the design is the eye colour and vibrance of Edward. He has been presented in the spot light to show he has a key role and that he is not what he appears to be. The eye colour could have been created in two ways contact lenses or special effects where it is just changed during the editing.

Compared to the first film’s poster, New moon has decided to take a different colour scheme which is more sepia. the clothing also reflects this change as the three main characters are dressed in browns and grey colours. I have particularly noticed the clothing Bella and Jacob are wearing are fairly similar where Edward’s is more dark which suggests the mystery that is also presented in the background because of the creepy forest. The film name’s font has followed the same theme to the previous one although using a different colour palette. ‘New Moon’ is quite mystical sounding and when you think of the moon it suggests that due to  the  extra character in the poster and the forest there will be some introduction to werewolves.