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Media Coursework Research

Published September 13, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Here is what I intend to do for my Film Trailer before research. I have  included details on the key elements so I can get a rough idea of the things I will need to achieve the best possible grade.


The genre I am thinking of using for my Film Trailer are either Fantasy or Horror as these are the types I think will be popular with the audience due to the recent and future releases of the new ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight Saga’ Films, although until after I have carried out my questionnaire I will then know for definite which things I will need to add or remove to make sure it is suitable.


If I was going to create a trailer based on the Fantasy or Horror genre I would make it quite fast paced with quick key clips from the film to give the spectator a good idea of what it is about and  what actors are appearing in the film. There will also be a dramatic voiceover whilst writing is being shown, maybe even being directed straight at the audience However again I will need to contact people through a research questionnaire to know what they like to see and what would be most effective.


The most important elements are the obvious things that we can see in the film such as the costumes the characters are wearing and even the makeup.

For a Horror film, the costume would be quite simple yet to make it quite scary it will need to have special effects or editing of colours created by hand or by using technology software such as Adobe Premier Pro. Whereas for a Fantasy film the costume could be a lot more complex depending on the story line and what will be in it.


I will try to use quite slow, dramatic music which usually has an emotional effect on people. This could also persuade the target audience to watch it. To use a track  that has already been produced by a known artist or composer I will obviously need for copy right reasons to contact the person via email, asking permission to use the piece of music to support my trailer.

These are all the things I am going to apply into my coursework to make sure I produce a professional film trailer which successfully meets my target audiences expectations.