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Media Coursework- Filming Screen shots

Published January 16, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

For my film trailer, I have produced the storyboards and directed the filming myself. Here are some of the main shots from my film. The first image is my main character running and is the first shot of the trailer. I have focused on the bottom half and her legs to show she is running and I thought a tracking shot would be a good way of introducing the film. For this particular section I used a tripod to ensure the followed movement was steady.

The shot below is a close up of my characters scared facial expressions. I have made this a slow shot as she walks away from the camera and as she is moving, her hair sweeps round  to make it more dramatic and gives the shot a more tense atmosphere.The next series of shots were from the same take. I decided to use a 36O degrees shot that circles the Villain and heroine from the film to suggest they will have a confrontation. To create the shot below, I layed on the ground with the camera looking up to make it look as if she is standing on top of a cliff and throwing the necklace off it. I believe this was successful as it did create a sense of her being somewhere high up and the day when I had chosen to film was fairly windy, It caused her hair to move which helped create the intended effect.