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Media Coursework Planning- Risk Assessment and back up plan

Published October 19, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

As my film trailer is going to be set in a nearby field and forest I would need to consider a range of potential saftey risks that could be present on set. I have done a tabled risk assessment to identify all these things. This is extremely important as it points these out and can then be given to each of my actors so they are fully aware of the things that could hurt them and anything else they should bring along in order to keep them safe.

The back up plan is essential to my planning because i can’t guarantee that everything will work to plan so to further add on to this, one thing to take note of is  if some people are unable to travel to the designated location for shooting I will then have to move it to another local field or park such as Genses, South Hill Park or The Lookout In Bracknell as they all contain a wooded area that is required for my film and will look great.