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Media Evaluation- Question 1

Published February 9, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

­­­­­­In what ways does your media production use develop or challenge conventions of real media products.

Teaser trailers are made to make potential audiences aware of a new upcoming film and also help to generate a lot of hype to a film which is why it is a very good way of advertising as it can be seen easily by many people and is available in a range of places and on websites such as the popular site You Tube. I had to create a professional, promotional package for a new  film following a genre of your choice. This had to contain a main film teaser trailer, magazine cover and a film poster, making sure that it followed the genre conventions aswell as real products such as a particular layout, type of images and their shots. I started to get a general idea of the many products already available by researching and analysing existing trailers, posters and magazine front covers for the fantasy genres such as Empire and Entertainment magazine which I found included a lot of useful information to help me find a suitable layout. With the knowledge of all the micro features in mind, I wanted to include as many conventions as I could from the trailers I watched, along with some of my own personal ideas. When I decided to cover the fantasy genre, I researched the many sub genres including adventure and supernatural to make sure that I have a more precise direction.

In the trailer, I used a lot of high shots and close-ups to show my main character’s expressions and also represents the fact that she is alone most of the time. These are one of the many details that are found in fantasy films so I wanted to get this across successfully. Occasionally in the trailer I have treated the camera as another character, slowly creeping up behind the main heroine. This allows us to create a sense that someone else is there which can also build up the tension along with the music. The use of inter titles is probably the most common convention as through my research of existing trailers for the fantasy genre, there is limited information and is often directed straight at the audience using words like ‘you’, ‘our’  and ‘we’. My intertitle ‘Welcome to our world’ which is accompanied by a whisper makes it eerie and follows another convention where there is usually a simple voice over . The voice sounds as if it is secretive and aims for the spectator to feel satisfied with being included into the story. 

All three tasks proved difficult to do so whilst the editing was in production I worked on the two supporting pieces. As these are just as important as the main, I needed to complete them to the same standard as I would expect from a professional magazine and poster and think about my target audience carefully. The first thing I had to think about are images that I would like on my products and what they should be showing, so I organised a quick photo shoot at the same time as my filming so my actors will still be in costumes and will remain in their characters. I feel this was very effective as we managed to gain some good shots such as a dark one that shows my villain staring straight at the camera and a pretty forest scene of which I edited by adding in streams of light to make it seem more magical and reflects the genre nicely.

My Poster includes many conventions that I have seen on other posters such as the positioning of the key characters where I have a main image of the villain as it could affect the audience more because of her menacing facial expressions. I have put the title at the top rather than the bottom which is shown on my previous rough sketches, so that I could include the details at the bottom. The details help in suggesting it’s a real film poster and usually includes the director, casting, producer, film company and most importantly the actors that are appearing in the film. We wouldn’t have this on a film magazine because sometimes it is put inside the product when there is some type of review or interview.

Throughout the production process I kept comparing my magazine to others especially this Harry Potter EMPIRE example as it had a good, clear main image and that misty effect in the background.  I tried to get a similar look and found that a big dramatic headline will be effective in attracting someone to read it. I discovered that this sometimes doesn’t have to relate to the film the picture is showing. This shows that I have used real media conventions and have tried to get my product as close as possible to professional.

In conclusion I think I am glad that I didn’t meet too many of the conventions whilst working on these tasks as sometimes too many films that follow the same sort of storyline, receive reviews that suggest that it was boring. I wanted to make sure that my ideas were original yet still has the ‘Wow’ factor that you can get on other magazines.