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Media Coursework- Filming

Published November 21, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

 I have now filmed my film trailer and I think it went quite well however after watching it back, even though I feel I have managed to include a range of shots like it has asked me on the checklist, there is a point where I have accidentally filmed  some unwanted things which are in the background like bags and a tripod, where I have rotated my camera around my characters to create a confrontation; so I will need to deffinately cut that out. I have used a tripod to support my camera and to make sure I don’t have a ‘shakey camera’ as this is not the type of film I would like to create and plus makes it much more professional. The Camera i used was one of the Canon video cameras. I found it quite easy to use but it required me actually looking at the instructions to know how to use it properly.

I enjoyed the filming part of this coursework and playing director for the day but it was deffinately hard work and I found out some problems such as trying to find the perfect shot and the positioning of the camera. I had to also do quite abit of tracking by following my characters to get the tracking shots. Hopefully it will end up  the way I imagined it and able to get in some good effects off the Adobe premier pro software.


Adobe Premier Pro

Published June 26, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies


Adobe Premier Pro is a brilliant program used to edit and create your own movies. On the  23rd June during our Media Studies lesson, we all had a chance to explore this and experiment with the range of tools that will help develop our video task such as being able to change the colour of the clip and include a titles.

Firstly after we were shown a sample video Miss Emmett had created and the explanations of each thing we will find on the program, everyone was separated into small groups and given a flip camera to film a minute worth  for a new film called ‘Trapped’. My group had lots of ideas but found it hard to plan them on paper in the allotted time so when we finally begun, we didn’t quite know how to start. Getting inspiration from our group name ‘Tarentino’ we decided to film some shots of feet and running suggests that the characters are trapped or trying to get out of a somewhere such as a building. For the beginning we thought about having the camera standing on the floor and one of the group members standing far away and then running towards the camera where we would see the top half of her body disappear and her feet coming more into view. When we were each given the opportunity to edit our own work, the group was particularly enthusiastic about not having any sound apart from maybe some tense music and the colours we could put in and take out of a shot. For example turning everything in the scene black and white and her shoes red which will freeze and  link with out title.

In AS we all managed to use the program for our initial video tasks that we based on an interview. At the time i found it quite difficult to use and i didn’t understand most of the tools apart from the few we ran through in class however due to this introduction i think i’m going to really enjoy using this for the coursework  as i have now learnt about all the possibilities and  how i can make a high standard piece properly.