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Media Coursework Research- Analysis of film poster 3

Published September 28, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Before I begin my analysis here is a brief over view of the film I am looking at. Pirates of the Caribbean is a popular Fantasy adventure franchise directed by Gore Verbinski and Rob Marshall and then produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. They follow the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and many other characters including Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightly) and Captain Barbossa played by Geoffrey Rush. The films started with their first release on the big screen in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. After the success of the first film, Walt Disney Picture revealed that a trilogy was in the works.

This is very different compared to the other posters as they seem to use the same mystical theme but Pirates of the Caribbean being based on the sea and the many pirate characters,  is a very adventure based fantasy. There are other parts of the fantasy genre that fit in with this film such as the make-believe creatures like the Mermaids who play a key part in the fourth installment of the film. Firstly the title appears on a long piece of parchment or paper with the well know logo of the skull and the crossed swords. The logo has an instant link to the main character because of the bandana and the beads as it is what he wears in the film. The other thing I have noticed apart from the actors that appear at the top is the date the film is released (July 7th & May) which is written in red so it is easy to see and stands out to catch the audience’s attention.

This is one of the more earliest Pirates of the Caribbean posters featuring the much  loved original characters. There is a lot going on in the main image near to the bottom where two ships are being destroyed by an octopus like creature. This suggests to the audience what will happen in the film . The logo on this poster shows that the design has gone through a few changes to get to the  recent one above, instead of the swords there are lit torches, showing that the creators are trying to keep the overall design in date. The title is much slimmer too with a silver colour scheme to match the metal effect and the swords. I feel that it complements the overall image and relates to what is going on in the picture. The film is called ‘On stranger tides’ so therefore being about water, the pirate ship in the background could be thought of as the strangers on the tides which also links to the facial expressions of the mermaids. These show that they are not what they seem and that they have a connection to the burning ship.

Now I have completed 3 different film poster analysis i now understand what I could possibly include on a good poster to include in my promotional package. For example the main actors/ characters as the main image and a faded scene.