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Media Coursework- Final Magazine Cover

Published April 18, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies


Media Coursework- Magazine cover Final Draft

Published February 7, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

This is the final draft magazine cover I have designed to promote my film. I have made sure that I have kept to my intended colour scheme and to protect copy righted images, have taken my own original pictures of my character. Whilst I was creating my magazine cover, I realised the consistancy of the theme through my pieces was going to be hard to follow since it is set in woodland and the colours are quite bright. However I decided to incorporate a pattern that I made on Illustration that used the same colours. The developments I have made since my last draft was I added more of the stars so that it flows round the title like the leaves on the poster. I also after noticing that some covers do this I have a line under each article to seperate them. I really like at the moment the headline above the masthead because I used a tool where I draw a line and I can then type on to it. I didn’t want to include too much on to the cover as it will look far too busy and will spoil the main image.

Magazine in Production

Media Coursework-Magazine title

Published December 12, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Here is the final magazine title that I have created using a fonts website and Photoshop.

I went through many decisions ranging from colour scheme to effects to get my final title. It started firstly all black and white and then I managed to change the colour to purple as it was my chosen colour scheme that I had shown in the mood board and suited the genre of the magazine and the film. I am very pleased with the effect that I have attempted, using the eraser and brush tools on Photoshop to get the different shades. I added these to the parts of each letter making it stand out over the moon and stars that is around the first letter. I don’t think I will develop this anymore, because I feel it looks good as it is and there is a chance I could spoil the look of it.

Media Coursework- Ancillary Print Tasks

Published December 2, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

As part of the Ancillary tasks which are the supportive pieces for the main film, I have taken some pictures after the filming and thought about the ones that I could possibly use for the products. For each of these images I think that they could be edited in different ways to make it more dark or brighter so it is clearer and their faces don’t seem too foggy. I might even be able to zoom in on sections so it doesn’t look like it is too far away.  I have also looked at some good Photoshop tutorials on how I can achieve an effect that will give my products a more mystical look such as landscape manipulation which is the key think I need to look at to make my print products more thought-provoking.

After reading over these, I have thought about using different sceneries blending into my background to give it more depth and a sense that it is much bigger.