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Media Coursework Planning- Product names

Published October 22, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Being part of the Fantasy genre my three media products need to have a good and creative name which clearly reflects the type of genre the film is based on. Before I can make some possible choices I have to make sure that the names I create have not already been used and that it is totally owned by me.  After my research I have found that the titles are often named after a main location in the film or after a particular character.  I have used a program online called which allows you to create a mind map to any size to present my ideas of product names. I have become quite creative whilst trying to think of good ideas so it is going to be difficult to decide on which ones I should use however they could be added to the products as a quote or as the name of another article for the magazine.

Out of the ones I have created my favourites are:

Film Titles

  • Illusion
  • Tourmaline Chronicles
  • Serendipity
  • The Legend of the Spirit Diamond
  • Into the Myst

Magazine Names

  • Stargazer
  • Movie Nights
  • Full Movies- Full movies could relate to the full moon and could also be spelled as ‘moovies’ however I don’t want it to sound like the sound that an animal makes so I might keep it to the actual spelling if I finally decide to use it in my work.
  • Finding Fantasy
  • Illusion- I felt that particularly Illusion could be considered to both the magazine and Film titles.
Below is an image of my mind map with all my suggestions and how I came to find some of them.

Media Coursework Planning- Initial Ideas, Storyboarding layouts and drafts for all products

Published October 16, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Now I have finally finished the research side of the coursework with a much clearer idea of what is typically seen in the fantasy genre I can start planning what I would like to do in terms of a storyboard and draft sketches and layouts of each product. Drafting is essential to planning so it is important that I draft all my products.

Story line Ideas 

As there are many different sub genres to Fantasy which are usually Horror, Sci-fi  and  Adventure. I think I will create a film trailer based on adventure fantasy as I really like the idea of a character going into a magical world and finding different creatures and there is usually a battle of good and evil that happens in the end or during the film, so that is another convention that I would like to apply into my own work. It seems like this type of story line would be a really good idea as it is something that is used a lot in other films and therefore I have the most knowledge on.

Storyboard Sketch

Having the sufficient information and ideas to begin storyboarding my film trailer, I have drafted different shots and thought about the text or voice overs that I could add into the trailer to make it seem more professional and like a real one you would see at the cinema or on the television. It is important to do this as it will become easier in production and the director and actors will go straight to each shot without stopping and thinking on what to do next. It also helps me to find potential problems before I begin.

Film Poster sketches

The two ancillary pieces that I have chosen to create are a Film Poster and a Film magazine front cover featuring my film. I have created sketches of both of these as a way of planning what I would like to do such as where I should place pictures and text so when it comes to production everything is planned already so I can straight away begin to make and know what to do. I have completed two possible ideas considering the positioning of  the characters and where the title should be. My first one I am going to look at is the one with the title at the bottom. I got my inspiration from the Stardust film poster and Twilight as they have lots of small images of people in the film and the title is also pictured at the bottom. The villain of the film is at the top as it shows she has the most power over everyone and  her angry eyes suggests to the audience that she will not be very nice and doesn’t like the female character. Most film posters have the release date at the bottom which is useful for letting the spectator know when it comes out and for research reasons how old the film is. As it is only a sketch i am going to develop this into a colour draft after I have planned my scheme to show the colours I am going to apply throughout to keep it consistent and stylistic.

Another idea I had was to have the character entering the magical forest and the title at the top. I have tried to draw part of the person as it creates the illusion of her slowly disappearing.

Film Magazine Sketches  

Next I have sketched a front cover including all the conventions of a magazine that I have researched such as a main image and the more minor items such as the bar code, the issue date and the cost to purchase the magazine. Drawing the ideas onto the paper I then scanned them into my documents and uploaded them on to WordPress. Using Photoshop and in design I should be able to create the swirls and stars easily as I have experimented with the stamps on Photoshop and they provide to be very useful in decorating images and especially backgrounds. From my research into other magazines I have found that most have the title over the top of the main picture therefore I am going to incorporate this too into my piece. If the title was behind the image, no one would be able to see the name and therefore probably won’t purchase the issue however I have also noticed that there are some that do this which could mean it will be bought just for the feature. That is why it would need to be interesting and something that the audience will read.

Overall I am quite impressed at my ideas and look forward to using the available software to create the effects needed.

Here I have made a Prezi presentation of all the planning i need to do in order to get to the production stage.

Media Coursework Research: mise-en-scene,shooting/editing styles and font ideas

Published October 6, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Now I have completed all analysis on the existing film promotions I am going to look into the ideas I have on mise-en-scene, shooting/editing styles and fonts for text and titles.


Mise-en-scene is an expression used to describe the design aspects of a theatre or film production. It refers to everything you can see such as set, props, costume, actors performance and lighting and also includes the positioning or movement.

Costume:  The clothing that is usually worn sometimes depend on the film because most films in the genre consist of complicated and exaggerated costumes where others are more modern. Most of the clothing will probably be dirty, ripped and sometimes blood stained due to a situation in the film where the characters have come across the villain and take part in a fight or been on a journey of some sort.

Location: The location of a film always depends on the directors own artistic vision but they sometimes have similar ideas such as the use of a make-believe land or world. Harry Potter is based on Witches, Wizards and magic so the use of a dark, mystical forest and a big castle is the primary setting which shows us that it’s a fantasy film. They are usually inhabited with unusual animals and monsters which will be difficult to create in my own. The scenery is always a breathtaking beach or winter forest and judging by the weather when I finally get to film I would like it to hopefully be sunny so I can get effective lighting.


 Lighting: Whilst viewing trailers I have taken note that the lighting is sometimes quite dark with a lot of low-key lighting or bright and mystical. The Moon and Sun is a big key element in lighting when filming something that is outside as it makes things seem more mysterious and can create good shadows or silhouettes to make it more atmospheric.

Props: The items I notice in the genre are wands, broomsticks, long staffs, guns and swords that all aid in developing and giving power to a character. The more adventure sub genre would use props like this to cause harm to other characters especially when the directors incorporate a battle scene. Another item that could be considered as a prop is the use of a top hat that particular roles such as The Mad Hatter and Willy Wonka have.


Font is the set of displayable text characters in a specific style and size. The types of font and writing styles are particularly important in showing the spectator the genre or who the product is meant to be targeted at. For example if the text was a floaty or curly font you would expect it to be aimed at a more female audience or even part of the Fantasy genre where as if it was a gothic handwriting style or the letters looked like they were dripping, it would be put in the horror section due to it representing blood. Good sites with these sort of fonts instead of the typical ones you can get on Microsoft word are

I really like the range that is available and most of them are free to download but I will need to look into more fantasy looking ones so that they suit my products.

Media Coursework Research

Published September 13, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Here is what I intend to do for my Film Trailer before research. I have  included details on the key elements so I can get a rough idea of the things I will need to achieve the best possible grade.


The genre I am thinking of using for my Film Trailer are either Fantasy or Horror as these are the types I think will be popular with the audience due to the recent and future releases of the new ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight Saga’ Films, although until after I have carried out my questionnaire I will then know for definite which things I will need to add or remove to make sure it is suitable.


If I was going to create a trailer based on the Fantasy or Horror genre I would make it quite fast paced with quick key clips from the film to give the spectator a good idea of what it is about and  what actors are appearing in the film. There will also be a dramatic voiceover whilst writing is being shown, maybe even being directed straight at the audience However again I will need to contact people through a research questionnaire to know what they like to see and what would be most effective.


The most important elements are the obvious things that we can see in the film such as the costumes the characters are wearing and even the makeup.

For a Horror film, the costume would be quite simple yet to make it quite scary it will need to have special effects or editing of colours created by hand or by using technology software such as Adobe Premier Pro. Whereas for a Fantasy film the costume could be a lot more complex depending on the story line and what will be in it.


I will try to use quite slow, dramatic music which usually has an emotional effect on people. This could also persuade the target audience to watch it. To use a track  that has already been produced by a known artist or composer I will obviously need for copy right reasons to contact the person via email, asking permission to use the piece of music to support my trailer.

These are all the things I am going to apply into my coursework to make sure I produce a professional film trailer which successfully meets my target audiences expectations.