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Media Coursework Research- Industry and practice

Published October 7, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

This blog post is again part of my research and is about the different main industries and practices of the Fantasy genre. Whilst researching the films I used to analyse in the posters and trailers, I came across a few main companies that produce them.

Warner Bros. 

Firstly Warner Bros. Pictures is one of the major subsidiary studios releasing a substantial amount of films annually which includes the most recognised Harry Potter series. It was founded in 1918 as Warner Brothers studios by Jack, Harry, Albert and Sam Warner. I think unlike other company logos this is the most versatile as a lot can be added or changed about the overall design. For example similar to what I have explained before, the Harry Potter films include the logo to make it part of the film and blend it in with the colour scheme such as the gloomy, cloudy background creating a mood. It also provides a good opening to the film causing the spectator to anticipate the beginning. Then there is the original design and another one which is mostly appropriate for families where the character Bugs Bunny leans against the logo.


 The next one  I have looked into is Metro-Goldwin-Mayer (MGM) who are an American media company, involved primarily in the production and distribution of films and TV programs. MGM was founded  in 1924 when the entertainment entrepreneur Marcus Loew gained control of Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Picture Corporation and Louis B Mayer Pictures. They have created well know Fantasy musical ‘The Wizard of Oz’ starring Judy Garland. The logo is a lion and has slowly been developed since then to keep it in date in terms of how it moves and appears.

Summit Entertainment 

I found Summit Entertainment through the Twilight Saga. The word summit suggests mountain or high cliff which relates to the films and the Vampire characters as it is presented as being cold and wet which is what they like. Summit entertainment is an independent film studio in Santa

Monica, California with international offices in London. It was originally founded in 1991 by Bernd Eichinger, Arnon Milchan and Andrew G. Vajna.  I have discovered that this specific company found difficulties after a string of flops until it finally found success with Twilight boosting up their numbers.

20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox Film corporation is one of the six major American film studios that influences most of the media. It is located in Los Angeles and is a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation which is also mentioned on the logo. The company was founded  in 1935 as the result of the merge of Fox Films and Twentieth Century Pictures founded in 1933. Many popular releases that have been created include Avatar and Night of the Museum .Another subsidiary is Searchlight, established in 1994 and producing films such as Black Swan.

Paramount Pictures 

Paramount Pictures have a brilliant reputation with the genre with some of the films being co-produced with more British film companies such as Marv. Paramount is an American distribution company located in Hollywood and founded in 1912 meaning it is the oldest film studio in America. The distinctive logo is of a mountain with stars circled around it. Throughout my research I have found out that the logo originally had twenty-four stars, as a tribute to the then current system of contracts for actors, since Paramount had twenty-four stars signed at the time. The films by Paramount Pictures in the Fantasy genre are Stardust, The Spiderwick Chronicles and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

If i were to choose one of these to make my film it would definitely be Warner Bros. because they have a lot of experience within the genre and their promotions are really effective in encouraging the audience to go and watch it. Most of the logos have been developed technologically so they look more realistic.