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Media Coursework- Final Film Poster

Published April 17, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies


Media Coursework- Film Poster Final Draft

Published February 7, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

After deciding to add and alter a few things on my Film Poster, here is the final draft and hopefully will be the final copy of one of the supporting pieces. I have encountered another problem that I may to resolve which is the  ‘Legend of the Autumn Stone’ title, because it is white and it blends in at the end with the background. I have experimented with different colours that I believe will go with the colour scheme but then I thought It would look mismatched and busy which might spoil it. I have also found a better font which also reflects the fantasy genre. I prefer this one to the font in the previous draft as it was far too curly and is similar to the main title. I also like how it suits the nature theme of the poster where I think it relates to the trees and the jagged shapes that I have incorporated such as the leaves that glide around the page.

One of the most important things of a film poster is to make sure it contains a lot of colour and a good key image because that is what gives the first impression of a film. If people are attracted to what they see, it will increase the amount of hype and a bigger and wider audience will want to see it.

To make the main character seem more powerful and controlling over the audience, I have added some bright white glows around her using a brush and clicked on to it a few times to make it brighter. The information that you usually see on a film poster are actors and a director so I added more text and moved it further to the bottom so it didn’t, like the title blend in with the white on the other characters clothing. Now my poster is completed, I noticed that on my film trailer draft I have included the date the film will be released in 2012 but on my poster it says November 2011. So that all my products are consistant I have had to change the date my film will come out in cinemas on the poster and while I was doing this I decided to change the font  for the text because I felt that it brought more of the genre onto it and delicate where as it was prevously quite bold which I think is also key in attracting an audience.

Media Coursework- Film Poster development

Published December 9, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Here is the first draft of my film poster that I have managed to create using Adobe Photoshop CS5. There have been some minor adjustments since the last one such as the title which  has been finally added in and an extra character is in the background. There is also now some typical conventions that a professional film poster has which is the information and the date the film will be released.

To create my film poster I firstly got the image  that would work best on the front and changed the saturation and contrast of it so it was brighter and a little bit darker. I then lassoed it so that the shape of the character was selected and dragged it on to my forest background and posistioned the image over the far side of the poster so that there was room to see the scenerey and my other character. I found it quite difficult to edit the background as I wanted it to look quite sunny and mysterious so I used a normal paint brush and drew in the light beams coming down from the gap in the trees and decreased the opacity.

 This proved to be quite hard as the day I filmed on and took the pictures was quite foggy and dull however this worked out better for the filming as it was dark inside the forest which helped my actors perform well in the surroundings, making it seem more believable even if it was really cold! I had to try and make the pictures look the same as the background  so that it looked as if she was actually in the forest.

I have found the layout of the poster has changed, this is because I have come up with new ideas since my plan  and some of the things I wasn’t able to do such as blending images in with the background.

 Through my research of posters I have seen that many have the villain on it and even a main character and there would also be other versions of it. I like how I have given this possibilty, meaning that it can be changed for any place it will be advertised in, such as in form of a magazine advert or billboard in a local cinema.


Media Coursework-Film Poster development

Published December 7, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Due to some technical problems, I have had to leave the filming for the moment and move on to the print products so over the past week I have been trying to produce a first draft of my Film Poster and Magazine cover on Photoshop. I have come across so many difficulties yet I am now finding it much easier to operate the programe and use the tools and layers.

Here is a copy of the draft so far without text. I am going to add the text afterwards and begin to edit my chosen title and  font where I will then be able to put it into an appropriate layout to make it look more like a good quality poster. At the moment I am quite pleased with what I have achieved and learnt whilst completing this task however I think the image is a bit small to fit any information on.

Media Coursework- Ancillary Print Tasks

Published December 2, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

As part of the Ancillary tasks which are the supportive pieces for the main film, I have taken some pictures after the filming and thought about the ones that I could possibly use for the products. For each of these images I think that they could be edited in different ways to make it more dark or brighter so it is clearer and their faces don’t seem too foggy. I might even be able to zoom in on sections so it doesn’t look like it is too far away.  I have also looked at some good Photoshop tutorials on how I can achieve an effect that will give my products a more mystical look such as landscape manipulation which is the key think I need to look at to make my print products more thought-provoking.

After reading over these, I have thought about using different sceneries blending into my background to give it more depth and a sense that it is much bigger.