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Media Coursework- Final Film Trailer

Published April 20, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Here is a link to my video on my YouTube Channel >

Despite my problems with the available editing software, I have finally been able to produce something that I am pleased with because I was able to use Premier Pro well, making use of the many video transitions and effects so that the whole piece flowed and that the timing fitted with the dramatic music I decided to use. The overall process was difficult yet I learnt a good range of things related to premier pro such as how I could reflect the fantasy genre and the narrative. Since the beginning I feel the coursework also developed my personal skills and I can now produce a piece of filming and then edit it confidently.


Media Coursework- Film Trailer Draft

Published March 16, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Here is my first draft of my Film Trailer. Unfortunately their is no sound apart from a sound clip of which I downloaded from a website called http://www. It enables you to use a range of different sound effects to help create your trailer such as foot steps in leaves and wind. I received some of my inspiration from the existing trailer above and was hoping to use parts of the soundtrack once I had manage to overcome my sound problem. Hopefully for the final piece I will be able to do this. Overall I believe that I had made quite a good start and kept up the pace by cutting and shortening the clips.

Media Coursework- Film Poster Final Draft

Published February 7, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

After deciding to add and alter a few things on my Film Poster, here is the final draft and hopefully will be the final copy of one of the supporting pieces. I have encountered another problem that I may to resolve which is the  ‘Legend of the Autumn Stone’ title, because it is white and it blends in at the end with the background. I have experimented with different colours that I believe will go with the colour scheme but then I thought It would look mismatched and busy which might spoil it. I have also found a better font which also reflects the fantasy genre. I prefer this one to the font in the previous draft as it was far too curly and is similar to the main title. I also like how it suits the nature theme of the poster where I think it relates to the trees and the jagged shapes that I have incorporated such as the leaves that glide around the page.

One of the most important things of a film poster is to make sure it contains a lot of colour and a good key image because that is what gives the first impression of a film. If people are attracted to what they see, it will increase the amount of hype and a bigger and wider audience will want to see it.

To make the main character seem more powerful and controlling over the audience, I have added some bright white glows around her using a brush and clicked on to it a few times to make it brighter. The information that you usually see on a film poster are actors and a director so I added more text and moved it further to the bottom so it didn’t, like the title blend in with the white on the other characters clothing. Now my poster is completed, I noticed that on my film trailer draft I have included the date the film will be released in 2012 but on my poster it says November 2011. So that all my products are consistant I have had to change the date my film will come out in cinemas on the poster and while I was doing this I decided to change the font  for the text because I felt that it brought more of the genre onto it and delicate where as it was prevously quite bold which I think is also key in attracting an audience.

Media Coursework- Magazine cover Final Draft

Published February 7, 2012 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

This is the final draft magazine cover I have designed to promote my film. I have made sure that I have kept to my intended colour scheme and to protect copy righted images, have taken my own original pictures of my character. Whilst I was creating my magazine cover, I realised the consistancy of the theme through my pieces was going to be hard to follow since it is set in woodland and the colours are quite bright. However I decided to incorporate a pattern that I made on Illustration that used the same colours. The developments I have made since my last draft was I added more of the stars so that it flows round the title like the leaves on the poster. I also after noticing that some covers do this I have a line under each article to seperate them. I really like at the moment the headline above the masthead because I used a tool where I draw a line and I can then type on to it. I didn’t want to include too much on to the cover as it will look far too busy and will spoil the main image.

Magazine in Production