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Media Coursework Planning- Costume and Props

Published October 23, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

The costumes I am planning to use for my actors are:

  • Velvet Capes,Green and  Red for my Witch/Queen
  • All black or grey clothing and boots
  • My main female character will wear modern, casual clothing with boots or Wellies
  • Fur coats

Props I want to be included and will have to find are:

  • Plastic Swords and Shields
  • A Wand or long staff
  • A big necklace
  • Bows and Arrows

Make up

For my evil Witch/Queen type character, She will have dark, sparkly Eye  make up with bright red lips where as the heroine will have a natural base, Mascara, brown eyeliner and lip gloss.


Media Coursework Research: mise-en-scene,shooting/editing styles and font ideas

Published October 6, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Now I have completed all analysis on the existing film promotions I am going to look into the ideas I have on mise-en-scene, shooting/editing styles and fonts for text and titles.


Mise-en-scene is an expression used to describe the design aspects of a theatre or film production. It refers to everything you can see such as set, props, costume, actors performance and lighting and also includes the positioning or movement.

Costume:  The clothing that is usually worn sometimes depend on the film because most films in the genre consist of complicated and exaggerated costumes where others are more modern. Most of the clothing will probably be dirty, ripped and sometimes blood stained due to a situation in the film where the characters have come across the villain and take part in a fight or been on a journey of some sort.

Location: The location of a film always depends on the directors own artistic vision but they sometimes have similar ideas such as the use of a make-believe land or world. Harry Potter is based on Witches, Wizards and magic so the use of a dark, mystical forest and a big castle is the primary setting which shows us that it’s a fantasy film. They are usually inhabited with unusual animals and monsters which will be difficult to create in my own. The scenery is always a breathtaking beach or winter forest and judging by the weather when I finally get to film I would like it to hopefully be sunny so I can get effective lighting.


 Lighting: Whilst viewing trailers I have taken note that the lighting is sometimes quite dark with a lot of low-key lighting or bright and mystical. The Moon and Sun is a big key element in lighting when filming something that is outside as it makes things seem more mysterious and can create good shadows or silhouettes to make it more atmospheric.

Props: The items I notice in the genre are wands, broomsticks, long staffs, guns and swords that all aid in developing and giving power to a character. The more adventure sub genre would use props like this to cause harm to other characters especially when the directors incorporate a battle scene. Another item that could be considered as a prop is the use of a top hat that particular roles such as The Mad Hatter and Willy Wonka have.


Font is the set of displayable text characters in a specific style and size. The types of font and writing styles are particularly important in showing the spectator the genre or who the product is meant to be targeted at. For example if the text was a floaty or curly font you would expect it to be aimed at a more female audience or even part of the Fantasy genre where as if it was a gothic handwriting style or the letters looked like they were dripping, it would be put in the horror section due to it representing blood. Good sites with these sort of fonts instead of the typical ones you can get on Microsoft word are

I really like the range that is available and most of them are free to download but I will need to look into more fantasy looking ones so that they suit my products.

Media Coursework Research- Analysis of Magazines 3

Published October 6, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

The final piece of analysis I am going to do as part of this research on existing pieces is the magazine Total Film. Total Film is a British film magazine. Total Film is  published 13 times a year (every four weeks) by Future Publishing.  The magazine was launched in 1997 and offers film, DVD and     Blu-ray news, reviews and guest editors have included Peter Jackson, Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.  I feel that both the British and American ones offer the same amount of information and features whilst also bringing in both of the successful film industries which makes them interesting to read as you can get a good idea of what is happening in the other country.

I have focused this time on the overall layout I would like my cover to have such as the title going over the top of my main image and having none or only  a few pictures  so it doesn’t look too over crowded. I will also create an appropriate colour scheme that matches the image as this is what other film magazines have done. I am also going to of course use my imagination to think of a good name that suits to a magazine of this type and even the features to make it more professional. Overall looking at the different magazines and the similar articles they each seem to have has been extremely helpful.

Here I have made a prezi interactive presentation of all the things I have already and am going to research. I was quite impressed with the software that I thought it would be incredibly useful to plan what I am going to look at further before I start to plan the final piece.

Media Coursework Research- Analysis of Magazines 2

Published October 4, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

In order to get enough knowledge on the certain things that will need to go on the front cover I will have to look at more than one, not just focusing on the text but the positioning of my actors from my film trailer plus the props and the clothing they wear. For my second magazine analysis it is Entertainment Weekly. Entertainment is an American magazine published by Time Warner and is based on  film, television, music, stage and theatre. It’s primary aim is to provide information on media news and critical reviews which targets a very general audience.