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Media Coursework-Magazine title

Published December 12, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Here is the final magazine title that I have created using a fonts website and Photoshop.

I went through many decisions ranging from colour scheme to effects to get my final title. It started firstly all black and white and then I managed to change the colour to purple as it was my chosen colour scheme that I had shown in the mood board and suited the genre of the magazine and the film. I am very pleased with the effect that I have attempted, using the eraser and brush tools on Photoshop to get the different shades. I added these to the parts of each letter making it stand out over the moon and stars that is around the first letter. I don’t think I will develop this anymore, because I feel it looks good as it is and there is a chance I could spoil the look of it.


Media Coursework Planning- Colour scheme

Published October 16, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

As part of the planning for the colour scheme I am going to try to use throughout my coursework, I have created a small mood board of the colours that I thought suited the fantasy genre. The role of moodboard are to develop the design concepts and to communicate a visual style or route. I have collected images from the Internet of fabric swatches, pretty patterns, fantasy pictures of the moon, landscapes and forest locations. I believe all these relate to the particular genre and have been seen used in example film posters  that I have researched. Orange and Red show the autumn season and as it is the autumn,winter season now, I can really make use of the trees and the natural light outside whilst shooting my film and taking pictures for my print products. I have decided to have a Blue  and Purple colour scheme as they usually suggest mystery and can symbolise imagination, creativity and magic. The use of a full moon would be greatly beneficial as it clearly shows the time in the day but this will only work if it is actually out. The mood board also emphasises the make-believe nature that I want all my products to contain and I will try hard to make this happen.  I have quite enjoyed putting the mood board together;  It has  helped me in deciding the type of font I could use due to the shapes I can see in the pictures such as round and curly.