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Media Coursework Research- Analysis of Film Poster 2

Published September 27, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

 Avatar is a 2009 American Fantasy, Science Fiction film written and directed by James Cameron and starring Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver. I am going to analyse the film poster firstly by looking at the colour schemes and the typical things that you would associate as being a fantasy film.

Firstly i am going to look at the specific colour scheme that the creator has selected. Due to the characters being blue, there has been a strong use of the colour to represent the Na’vi and the main characters that appear throughout the film. Similar to the Twilight poster, Blue is a regularly used colour due to the mystical appearance it has. This then helps it to stand out on the black background. The idea of  this creates the feeling that the inhabitant of the magical world is creeping out of the darkness. The poster is quite simple yet it fulfils its purpose of enticing a much older audience yet it doesn’t really show much and I don’t think this could help towards my Ancillary piece. Further into my research I have found a detailed version of the poster including the key elements such as location, actors and props.

The location is considered as being very important as it lets the audience know the type of genre and the things they could expect from the film before they view it. The creature that appears on the front underneath the picture of the protagonists is very bird like. riding the creature is a na’vi inhabitant or even Jake (Sam Worthington). This makes us feel that it’s no ordinary bird as it is obviously bigger than the rider which causes a sudden enchanting effect on the spectator. Due to this and the heavily silhouetted trees  ,it enhances the beautiful background of the sun and another planet which creates a rather exotic fantasy world. The atmosphere is very peaceful and i wouldn’t think that war would play a role in the film but judging by the helicopters coming towards the centre of the image, it seems they are following the bird. The title ‘Avatar’ is again a silver/blue colour so it still matches the theme and it creates an illusion that it is coming of the page. In my opinion I think that this poster will be more successful but more basic designs have a better influence as it is encouraging you to go and watch it.

I will still need to investigate further into the Fantasy genre so I can incorporate the ideas into my own coursework. I really like the use of shadow which makes it seem it is leaking in from the hidden  to the real world setting, drawing the audience in.