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Britain’s Next Top Model

Published September 5, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model is a  British TV reality modeling competition based in the UK and Ireland, in which a number of women compete to win the title and a chance of kick starting their career in the industry. Even though i am a big fan of the program and really enjoy it there are sometimes many things that give off the wrong impression, in particular to the teenagers of today’s society. Last Year for example Charlotte was the favored winner but one of the judges, fashion designer Julien Macdonald said to her after the reveal of the weeks task photo that she wouldn’t go far due to her thick thighs and that she needed to slim down despite the fact she already was. I was instantly unhappy as things like this are the reasons young girls specifically are being emotionally and physically effected because they feel they need to be extra skinny or ‘Size 0’. The show is meant to be about creating better role models but with the bad comments and the expectation of the young girls to be like ‘twigs’  the amount of people with eating disorders are going to be even more on the rise.

Another thing about the media and the way things and people are portrayed on the TV is usually very negative because on the program they sometimes only show parts that will attract more viewers and produce a bigger opinion of the specific person. This years eliminated contestant Stacey in a recent interview said that other contestant Anastasjia was a lovely person but due to the clips put out there it made us as the spectator think she was really horrible who always liked to cause arguments with the others and also thought she was the best. Ana was seen Supported by Juste which  provides the audience reasons not to like her either. The same has been repeated with other reality shows like ‘Big Brother’ and ‘I’m a celeb…’



Published September 4, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

A couple of weeks before the holidays i thought the best way of getting used to the programs we had been taught to use was by practicing, so during a few lessons and my time off now i selected some images of the Internet to try more different effects on them and any i could potentially use in the media coursework.

I excitingly found a rather effective tool which allows you to add a stamp of an image to the picture you are editing such as below i have decided to use the star shape which can be printed on or used like the brush tool (there are also a leaf shape along with circles and squares). I selected a picture of the ‘Glee’ actress Lea Michelle and changed the colour of the background from Pink to Lilac, then adding the stars over the top. I really like how stars gradually go from a dark shade to getting lighter towards the top of the image . To change the colour of her hair i made a layer and chose a deep red colour and made it transparent so it still looks like her hair and not like paint

Kepping to the ‘Glee’  theme i found a cast image and decided to use the same stamp tool but changing the colour each time producing a rainbow effect. I made each of the stars a different size whilst keeping them near to each other so it presents a flowy pattern round the edge. I then, using the eraser removed the FOX logo. Even though they are quite simple examples, I overall have enjoyed producing these edits because i feel i am improving my photoshop skills which means i will be more confident in using it in the future.


Original Image

Original Image


News Stories

Published August 21, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

After watching the news quite a bit during this holiday i have noticed a few things that particular News Channels do to present a story both on the Internet Website and the Television. The most recent one i am going talk about is the death of a young pilot at a Red Arrow display near Bournemouth. It’s not the most cheerful but you can see that the news readers are feeling quite sympathetic and take there time reading the story like a sort of tribute.

‘His Hawk T1 aircraft had completed the display and the Red Arrows were heading back to Bournemouth Airport when Flt Lt Egging’s plane split off from the group and smashed into a field.’ I noticed with Sky News that even though they are quite formal they seemed to speed quickly through explaining the situation and use words like ‘Smashed’. The article on the website>>  http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16054021  is a little bit shorter than the BBC however it still covers the important information that the spectators would like to know.


Media Artifact 2

Published August 7, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

This is my second post of the analysis of a media artifact of which i have chosen to do on ‘Tangled’ by Disney. For my Film Coursework i am focusing on the development of technology in Disney films so this was a perfect way of looking at this through posters.

The Film artifact contains the main components of a typical poster such as the title, main characters, key objects such as the frying pan and the setting which is the usual fairytale forest and tower in the background.

Since the film is based on the story of Rapunzel the title ‘Tangled’ has been presented to look like hair due to the colour yellow being used and the way the ‘g’ curls round. It also seems to link with the caption at the top ‘They’re taking adventure to new lengths’ because length could obviously be referred to as the extreme length of the hair of the heroine. The film clearly doesn’t follow the usual idea of a fairy tale such as Snow White and the representation of a sweet and innocent princess, they have instead gone with a protagonist who is the complete opposite. Her sophisticated and mean looking facial expressions and the way she has been positioned at the front shows that she is in charge  and suggests she is taking over a male role giving her of a more ‘Go-girl attitude’. Compared to Snow White ,The Princess and the frog, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. Disney has decided to change the name from the intended ‘Rapunzel’ to this because they didn’t want to follow the same route of another typical princess movie.

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Published July 10, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

Photoshop Logo

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is an extremely useful and professional piece of  software used to edit different images in many ways such as enhancing them, manipulating them and even for creating pieces right from the beginning. It is a very versatile program because it can be used by everybody in many different professions like photographers, Artists and even people in journalism.  http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-photoshop-cs5/getting-started-gs-what-is-photoshop-cs5/.

From the above tutorial i learnt that not just these sort of professions use Photoshop but also the less obvious ones like people in medicine, scientists and forensic investigators therefore it is considered a particularly important tool. To get the amount of aid needed to successfully apply the certain tools to my digital images i would have to go directly to a specific tutorial relating to that tool as this one only gives me a brief overview of them all that are available. For example this one >>  http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-photoshop-cs5/photo-effects/ It shows you all the different ways of modifying a picture such as colour effects, applying sepia tones and even making them negative so it looks kind of scary.

Source- The Photoshop tutorials 

I haven’t had as much experience with Photoshop  as i thought it was quite hard to use however after watching the tutorial i now clearly understand what to do and how i can get the intended effect. Whilst having ago on the original image below i followed the instructions to give it an old look but i wanted  to explore the things i could change about the picture so ventured of on my own and  i added the rain tool, making the picture have small lines across it to look like rainy weather. Then i added a black and white layer which really impressed me as i managed to change the mood in the image which seemed to be negative rather than the happy, sunny day in the original. It also appears to be quite Gothic.

I think i have really improved my skills in Photo modifying because i was able to turn a picture into something else.

Photoshop Image

Original Image

Media Artifact

Published July 3, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

 I am going to be focusing my textual analysis on the 2010 film ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’.

This film poster of the most recent Harry Potter film shows the three main characters which are of course Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) Hermione Grainger (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint)  running through a dark forest, looking straight ahead. This is representing that  something will be happening that might affect them and it is also keeping up the mystery so that we want to know and become more involved with the film.

The more obvious items that have been added to the poster is the recognised title with the ‘P’ as the lightning scar and the tag line above it which says ‘THE END BEGINS’. Juxtaposition has been applied, having two opposite words next to each other to make it seem even more dramatic.

The poster to the right could be considered as quite a distressing picture to fans becuase it is of Hogwarts School being burnt and destroyed which also means that it is getting to the end of an era. There are two dates that have been included to this poster (Part 1 2010 and Part 2 2011) showing you when the 2 parts are going to be released which makes the audiences anticipate its arrival to cinemas and to produce more hype about it.

I don’t particularly like films that have 2 parts to them due to the waiting of the next part to be released and the sometimes awkwardly placed endings, causing feelings such as  ‘oh, was that it?!’.  However i also find it quite exciting.











As well as having the key characters and even the setting featured on the main posters sometimes there have been cases where each character from the film would have separate posters such as the example of Ron. Especially this design , it suits to the spectators interest because he would most probably be found to be more popular for the female fans. The serious facial expressions and lack of lighting within the images makes you feel a little bit uneasy and almost as if your being controlled.

Adobe Premier Pro

Published June 26, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies


Adobe Premier Pro is a brilliant program used to edit and create your own movies. On the  23rd June during our Media Studies lesson, we all had a chance to explore this and experiment with the range of tools that will help develop our video task such as being able to change the colour of the clip and include a titles.

Firstly after we were shown a sample video Miss Emmett had created and the explanations of each thing we will find on the program, everyone was separated into small groups and given a flip camera to film a minute worth  for a new film called ‘Trapped’. My group had lots of ideas but found it hard to plan them on paper in the allotted time so when we finally begun, we didn’t quite know how to start. Getting inspiration from our group name ‘Tarentino’ we decided to film some shots of feet and running suggests that the characters are trapped or trying to get out of a somewhere such as a building. For the beginning we thought about having the camera standing on the floor and one of the group members standing far away and then running towards the camera where we would see the top half of her body disappear and her feet coming more into view. When we were each given the opportunity to edit our own work, the group was particularly enthusiastic about not having any sound apart from maybe some tense music and the colours we could put in and take out of a shot. For example turning everything in the scene black and white and her shoes red which will freeze and  link with out title.

In AS we all managed to use the program for our initial video tasks that we based on an interview. At the time i found it quite difficult to use and i didn’t understand most of the tools apart from the few we ran through in class however due to this introduction i think i’m going to really enjoy using this for the coursework  as i have now learnt about all the possibilities and  how i can make a high standard piece properly.