Media Coursework- Film Magazine development

Published December 11, 2011 by Shanice Butler A2 Media Studies

As well as the Film Poster, I have also been concentrating on the magazine cover which features my film and main character. Throughout my time working on this I have managed to use the Adobe graphics package available which includes Photoshop and In design, both I have managed to use to create my print products. Through my exploration of these programs I have also learnt about another called Adobe Illustration. It provides many tools on creating a variety of pretty patterns and shapes that I could possibly incorporate into my coursework.

Here is the magazine cover so far. I have attempted to use different fonts and used a foggy effect on the image with a purple tinge so it goes with the colour scheme and to make it look like the character is in a dark forest. My main character is standing in front of a tree and her face is quite dark however using photoshop I managed to touch it up by brightening it. Just looking at it, I already think that there is a lot I could improve on such as making the title bigger and also removing the white box around it and perhaps make the picture more part of the background. I like the name that i have given it due to the play on words and the font looks quite mystical. This overall links to the moon in the chosen font which represents the genre quite well. I quite enjoyed playing around with the colours on the font becuase I managed to add a mixture of shades of purple. I did this by making the title a block colour and then got the eraser and brushed over it, turning the opacity up and concentrating on the top area of each letter. I feel that it looks more interesting with this effect.

I decided to not include a lot of headings of the features  that would be inside becuase I don’t want to swamp the piece in text and the main image to still be visible. I used in the titles some catchy words that reflect the genre and film such as ‘New on the scene’, ‘Brand new movies you are howling to see this winter’ and ‘behind the magic’.

To keep it professional,  I have added a barcode towards the bottom on the page and the issue number, date and price of the magazine.


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